yfel modular concrete walls temoraryReMaCon Products, the well-known Gauteng-based manufacturers of precast concrete retaining blocks, has launched an innovative new modular product that provides a flexible alternative to the conventional ways of separating stored dry bulk materials. 

The new product, branded YFEL because of its characteristic inverted “Y” shape combined with its resemblance in profile to the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, is designed to provide easily erectable temporary walls as dividers in warehouses and other areas where dry bulk materials are stored. 

“Unlike the traditional permanent or semi-permanent walls that are usually built for such purposes, the YFEL is mobile and YFEL freestanding walls can quickly be dismantled and re-erected in accordance with the changing storage requirements of the operation concerned,” comments Silvio Ferraris, ReMaCon’s Managing Member. 


“The wide variety of industries that have to store dry bulk materials of various kinds will readily recognise the convenience and time- and cost-saving advantages of YFEL compared to the traditional methods of separating different kinds and grades of dry bulk material kept in storage, as well as helping companies in their compliance with quality management systems such as ISO,” he points out. 

Industries that are potential users of the new product encompass an almost limitless range. They include the mining industry, mineral processing operations, the construction industry, civil engineering contractors, road builders, cement producers, pulp and paper manufacturers, glass manufacturers, the chemical/fertiliser blending industry, waste recyclers and agricultural and food processing operations such as grain and sugar producers.  

”In coal mining and handling, for example, coal of different grades has to be stored in separate areas. Similarly in the construction industry and for other users of different types of sand, gravel and aggregates, such as road-builders and civil engineering contractors, these materials have to be kept apart wherever they may be stored. In all these applications, as in numerous others, use of YFEL walls is more convenient, flexible and in every other way more suitable than the traditional methods used currently,” says Ferraris, adding that the concept as applied with YFEL has been successfully applied and proven abroad. 

The YFEL product is manufactured to order in heights ranging from 1,2 m to 4 m. “Concrete 28-day strengths exceeding 40 MPa ensure rapid early de-moulding strengths and the product can withstand abrasive construction machinery handling,” Ferraris points out. 

The product has the option to be bolted into the floors of warehouses and other storage areas for extra stability. ReMaCon also supplies steel carrier attachments for insertion into each unit to make them easily transportable by forklifts and other handling equipment for loading onto and off trucks and for positioning on site.  

Also on offer is an “anti-climb” security wall option in which the top of the YFEL unit is curved to prevent entry of intruders into the area requiring protection. 

ReMaCon, a black economic empowered company with a Level 4 BEE rating, has the biggest range of concrete retaining blocks (CRB’s) in the country and has SA Bureau of Standards (SABS) certification on its core range of CRB products.  

The ReMblok 30, its flagship block, is the best known among them. An additional option on offer is an extension piece that locks into the CRB’s in the base course to provide extra stability when the structure is high or technically challenging. 

The company is also the sole licence holder in Gauteng of Terraforce, one of the most widely known and used CRB products in Southern Africa. It also markets Terraforce’s Terrafix range of erosion control products and Terracrete grass blocks. 

All ReMaCon’s products are available in both smooth and split (rockface) versions and in grey and sand colours. The company also provides a design service to customers for the construction of CRB structures of above 1,4 m in height. 

Two years ago ReMaCon further extended its product range with the introduction of the TW1 block, manufactured under licence to the UK-based developer of the product, which is designed for the construction of retaining walls to over 20 m in height.