ReMblok 30 Vertical is the vertical option of the ReMblok 30 from ReMaCon Products

The new ReMblok 30 Vertical block allows walls to be constructed at wall angles steeper than 75°, up to a maximum of 87 degrees. The reason that it is not advisable to build walls at 90° is that whilst these retaining walls are flexible systems, and they are forgiving, however should any minor soil settlement occur behind the block walls, it can cause a wall to move, and it is better to allow it to move from 87° to 89°, rather than to what it will look like it is falling over at 91° to 93°.

Any near vertical wall in excess of 1200mm in height is no longer “fit-for-purpose” and requires an engineers design, which will be different for each and every wall. Remacon Products offers an in-house retaining block wall structural design service for a % fee, for which we will do the initial designs and drawing section details, inspect the wall at various stages including checking the quality and compaction of the soil fill, and once 100% complete we will issue the design certificate applicable to the local authority, or according to SANS 104000 forms 1-4 as is required.

The dimensions are the same as for the standard ReMblok 30, but the front nib has been manufactured flush to allow the blocks to move forward for the steeper wall angle.

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