ReMRock 220

ReMRock from Remacon Products

RemRock 220 is suitable for garden and non-structural landscaping. The newest product is a standard “rock face” texture in a natural “sand” colour.

Maximum height = 10 rows or 1,8m in open face (300mm space) configuration @ 75° or 12 rows 2,16m high @ 70°.

Closed face configuration @ 75° or 14 rows 2.52m @ 70°

For geofabric reinforced walls, up to 3m max.

Technical Data

ReMRock 220
Number of blocks per m2 8 (Open) 15 (Closed)
Block per mass +/- 18 kg
Filled block mass +/- 24 kg
Length 370 mm
Width 220 mm
Height 180 mm
Colour Sand Only
Texture Rock Only

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